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Restorative Yoga For Hips & Hamstrings




75 minutes


About the Course

“How can I use yoga to for my tight hips & hamstrings?"

You stretch and you stretch and you stretch and your hips and hamstrings still feel tight? It's not fair and it's frustrating. The reality is it's hard to counteract all the sitting we do, which tightens hamstrings, and the repetitive movement from walking and running that causes hips to feel tight. Let’s try approaching these areas with passive stretching. Using Restorative Yoga, practiced lying on the mat in long-held poses using blocks, bolster, and blankets, we will foster a place between over- and under-stretching, where you can let go of the pose, kind of get out of the way, and allow these areas to release on their own. A relaxing and loving approach to tightness. 

All Practitioners Welcome!! 

Teach your body when to be active and when to relax to increase performance, reduce stress, and heal.

Your Instructor

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