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Welcome to Thumbsky!

This is a one-woman show. From designing to answering emails, it's all just me.

To ensure the experience on both ends meets our expectations, and our time spent

enjoying the things we love, please make sure to read the shipping and returns

policies before making a purchase.


You can always reach out with a question and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

Thanks for visiting, 

Marcy Tropin

What's the story behind the name?

Thumbsky was a mean-spirited family nickname for a habit, sucking on my thumb, I refused to quit. While being bullied by your family "sucks," I've chosen to spin it around. No matter how much verbal haranguing and how many acerbic slights I took, I just kept doing my thing. 

Thumbsky's motto "don't suck" is a shortened version of being told as a kid, "Don't suck your thumb," which I continued to do so much I wore the directive down. From the kitchen yelled all the way to the den sofa, "Don't suck." From the front of the car to the child-seat in the back, "Don't suck." I heard those two words so many times you could say it was a life lesson cloaked in an unnecessary obsession with social norms.

Combining my art background, humor, writing, and decades teaching yoga Thumbsky is a catalog of doodles and notes waiting for an audience. All artwork, descriptions and designs are original, copyrighted, and the usage of solely owned by me.

Don't Suck.

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