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Yoga Teaching



Yoga helped me heal from a bicycling accident and terrible neck injury. As a teacher I bring the inspiration I felt from gaining strength, flexibility, freedom from pain, and the inspiring personal growth that comes with a dedicated practice. Yoga is your health IRA. It is a practice that will complement any other physical activity like running or cycling, or for those of us who want to while away the afternoon reading on a sofa and then be able to get up without stiffness. There's a pose for that!

CERTIFICATIONS: 2001 500 Hour ISHTA Teacher Training with Alan Finger 2002 Ancient Thai Healing 2003 Relax + Renew Training with Judith Lasater 2005 Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea 2007 Yin Yoga Practice + Theory Teacher Training with Paul Grilley EXPERIENCE: 2001- Harlem Yoga Studio, Land Yoga, ExhaleSpa, Yoga Zone Beginners + Yin Yoga + Restorative Yoga + Workshops Privates + Teacher Trainings + Corporate Yoga EDUCATION: 1997 B.F.A., California College of the Arts

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A calming, gentle, passive practice for all levels. Poses are taught in seated or resting positions using yoga props or whatever you have around the home: throw blankets, books, a sofa cushion. Chant music is played throughout and there is limited talking outside of alignment to provide the space for deep relaxation and releases. Keep your video on for alignment cues or turn it off after introducing yourself.

Schedule Sunday: 5:30 - 6:30p Monday: 5:30 - 6:30p Thursday: 6:00 - 7:00p To attend a class simply email before 4pm. Google Meet links to classes are sent five minutes prior to start. Single class suggested dhana/ donation $15 To make a dhana/ donation: Venmo: @marcytropin Paypal: *all classes Eastern Time

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​Since I was little I've been able to press on a tight or injured area of the body and release the spot. Removing tension, stiffness, old stuff, stored in muscles. To complement this intuitive knowledge I’ve worked alongside many healers, and studied anatomy and physiology. It’s a wonderful gift to help people heal.  The healing I do is by pressing into muscles with my hands, fingers, and elbows. No point or area is pressed on for longer than a couple of seconds. I make sure you're breathing calmly and not tensing. The way to release a muscle is to work with it, not against it. The pressure I apply is never too hard, which can cause damage. I prefer to circle back to tough spots so the process isn't adversarial to your body. You definitely know I'm there but aren't wishing I'd leave. Getting out of pain shouldn't be miserable or painful. Some clients work weekly and some schedule tune-ups once a month. I work with clients on a yoga mat, grounded. When appropriate I'll position you in restorative yoga poses on bolsters and blankets. Using restorative yoga subtly adds gentle twists, backbends and side openers, and makes the session cozy. My time is focused on the bodywork: no oils, music or tchotchkes. Nothing to distract from the work, or, as we say in yoga, add another layer of maya. Clients wear comfortable clothing and pick a quiet and private space to work. Sessions last one hour.  Professionally, for over twenty years, I've helped people heal from frozen shoulders, restricted necks, carpel tunnel syndrome, bulging and herniated disks, rolled ankles, tennis elbow (or ielbow), tight lower backs, overworked muscles, fertility challenges, and protected chakras. If an area of your body no longer works the way it should, I can help.

Teach your body when to be active and when to relax to increase performance, reduce stress and heal.
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Power Yoga and Yin & Restorative Yoga Group Classes, Beginners Orientations, and Restorative and Yin Workshops. Begin your yoga journey or chill. Over two decades and five certifications of knowledge, experience and healing. 

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I work mostly with injured and beginning students new to yoga. Meeting a student where they're at with modifications, breaking down breath and alignment, and moving with breath and alignment. Fostering body-awareness so students can feel the difference between engaging muscles and tensing. Mostly I teach people how to be nice to themselves through asana practice. The yoga is for you. Private sessions are one hour. 

Restorative Workshop

Hips & Hamstrings


“How can I use yoga to for my tight hips & hamstrings?"

You stretch and you stretch and you stretch and your hips and hamstrings still feel tight? It's not fair and it's frustrating. The reality is it's hard to counteract all the sitting we do, which tightens hamstrings, and the repetitive movement from walking and running that causes hips to feel tight. Let’s try approaching these areas with passive stretching. Using Restorative Yoga, practiced lying on the mat in long-held poses using blocks, bolster, and blankets, we will foster a place between over- and under-stretching, where you can let go of the pose, kind of get out of the way, and allow these areas to release on their own. A relaxing and loving approach to tightness. 
All Practitioners Welcome!! 

Coming Again This Spring!! - Harlem Yoga Studio - $30